Online Video Platform

When video needs to be effective

The Online Video Platform (OVP) offers the simplest, most reliable and effective way to publish, manage, distribute and analyse your videos online. This is why many organisations already use the platform very intensively. This professional solution offers the possibility of making your videos available in various formats, via various channels, to all target audiences and on all devices.

Save costs now and improve your results through professional management and publication of your videos using OnlineVideoPlatform.

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“Manage videos easily and reliably”

With OnlineVideoPlatform (OVP), you can manage your videos easily from a user-friendly dashboard. Apart from publishing videos, OnlineVideoPlatform also offers the option of archiving original video files. Video producers can even deliver files directly in the OVP. The system processes them immediately, in a reliable way. In other words, all your videos are stored safely and can be used at any time. Now or in the future, online and offline.


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Brand Identity

Your corporate identity, any time and any place”

The video player can be fully adjusted to suit your needs. For instance, video players are displayed in your own house style. And another important aspect to consider is that this video player makes interaction possible - for instance clicking through to a landing page or placing an order. That’s what we mean by ‘results-oriented’: increasing the reach of online videos and lowering the threshold to online conversion as much as possible.


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Interact & Convert

“From lean back to lean forward’”

By adding interactive components in the Video Player, viewers can make their own choices by clicking directly in the video. These interactive components remain visible on all websites. This leads to more engagement (90% watch the video to the end), longer engagement (up to 10 minutes), and considerably higher CTRs (5 to 12%) and sales conversion rates (380% growth).*

* Source: Forrester Research: Move beyond Awareness With Interactive Video


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Deliver & Share

“Your videos available anytime, any place and shareable to boot”

With a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), we make sure that links, networks, hardware and software are attuned to the specific requirements for your video delivery, both at home and abroad. Which means that you are assured of all types of video delivery, for live and on-demand streaming, on any devices. What’s more, you can easily share your videos via all available social media channels.


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Analyse & Optimize

“Real-time insight into the ROI of your videos”

The OnlineVideoPlatform management reports give you direct insight into the results of your online videos. It is easy to generate reports about viewing habits, interactivity and conversion rates per channel, video and viewer.

You can optimise the use of online video in your campaigns on the basis of these reports.


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